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Attract and Keep Her

"I've Read Everything Out There; AAKH is Unique and Powerful!" I've read a lot of PUA & dating material over the last 10 years so I definitely know what's good & what's not. Forget fancy pick up lines & expensive dinners: Jim...

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Adventure God

no matter what level your dating skills are at... can effortlessly seduce any girl you take out and have her begging to fuck you on the first date. Best of all? She'll be wet and begging because she knows you're seducing her......

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Digital Access + Complete Physical Collection LIMITED TIME OFFER! + $97 $37 + S&H FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How does it work? VFX utilizes unique diet and exercise strategies designed to help optimize the female metabolism and...

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Love Notes

You’ll always be dating the hottest girls without having to risk rejection. You’ll always get the ONE GIRL YOU WANT, and never have to settle for average girls or fat girls just because they’re the only ones that will talk...

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