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I thus grew up with the dream imbedded in my head to one day graduate from the university.Once i finished elementary, I wasn’t able to proceed with my schooling for several years due to the local culture and mindset of the...

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Crypto Trend Rider

07 Discover the Crypto Trading Solution that Delivers$972 a day, $7,031 a week & $327,923 a year! If you are looking to trade cryptocurrencies with leading signals to take home daily profits.If you are looking for leading...

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This meditation includes a prayer from Morrnah Simeona who was one of the world’s most famous Ho’oponopono Practicioners and was considered a “Living Treasure of Hawaii.” Dr. Joe Vitale writes about his experience with...

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Transformed Lives

Our 12-week Transformed Lives program provides you with a daily email containing a link to a 4-8 minute video to watch and mediate on each day or a brief article to read. We will teach you how to engage with the power of God...

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BTV Solo software

For 7 days. Cancel anytime. It's just that simple. "This is for real." “What you have here... is something that you haven’t seen before. This is for real. You’re going to hear a lot more about it.” Commissioner Gordon,...

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