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iPhone Dev Secrets

iPhone or iPad App or Game in 4 weeks And Hit Pay Dirt With It In The App Store With No Programming Skills. Regular price: $199Just $49 total fee (NOT a monthly membership) Add to Cart + Special Bonuses + App Spy Bonus + new...

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Swipe Vault

The iPhone wasn't the first smart phone. The iPad wasn't the first tablet. The iMac wasn't the first all-in-one computer. Steve was really smart. He let others take major risks in validating whether people will buy a product or...

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Vert Shock | #1 Worldwide Jump

Just emailing to say I threw down my first in game dunk tonight only 11 days into Vert Shock! I'm too pumped right now thanks so much man! Sent from my iPhone JH From: Joshua Hughes To: Vert Shock Got my first dunk ever Hey Adam,...

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We’ll start with iPhone apps. If you have a winning iPhone app, you can always consider deploying it to the Google Androids platform later on. Or, you even create iPad versions. At the same time, for content app, we’ll focus...

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Phone Photography Tricks

Can you guess which one was taken by the iPhone 5… and which one was taken by the Canon EOS 7D ($1,599.00)? Can you spot the difference? Well, the photo on the left was taken by the iPhone 3GS (with the help of a special image...

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Free Stuff Mastery

Imagine having the power to acquire a new FREE Xbox One, iPhone, 3D LED TV, Clothing, Household Items, Toys… And so much more! That’s right, we present 3 (THREE) very different strategies to guarantee your success, all in one...

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